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JLM Vol 26 No 2 Contents:

- Editorial - The 1628 Vasa Inquest in Sweden: Learning Contemporary Lessons for Effective Death Investigation - Freckleton QC, I.

- Legal Issues - Alternatives to Compulsory Detention and Treatment and Coercive Practices in Mental Health Settings - McSherry, B. & Gooding, P.

- Medical Issues - The Investigations into What Happened at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital – Did the Coroner’s Process Help? - Ranson, D. & Ibrahim, J.

- Medical Law Reporter - Legal Strategies to Cure the Plastic Planet: Corporate Marriage and Public Health Regulation of Single-Use Non-Biodegradeable Plastics – Gock, A., Faunce, T., Dale, E., Wheeler, S. & Ou-Yang, L.


- The Impact of the Law in Helping or Hindering Fertility Preservation for Children with Cancer Facing Gonadotoxic Therapies – Allan, S., Gook, D. & Jayasinghe, Y.

- To Mandate or Not to Mandate: A Review of Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect – MacCormick, N.

- Domestic and Family Violence, Reproductive Coercion and the Role for Law – Douglas, H. & Kerr, K.

- Legality of Embryonic Gene Editing in Australia – Taylor-Sands, M. & Gyngell C.

- An Ethics of Care Approach to Regulating Surrogacy – Cameron, J.

- Misconduct, Self-inflicted Injury, and Suicide in Workers Compensation: A Review of the Australian Legal Framework – Lambropoulos , V. & Guthrie, R.

- Impostors and Impersonators: Fake Health Practitioners and the Law – Freckleton QC, I.

- Data Custodians and the Decision-making Process: Releasing Data for Research – Adams, C., Allen, J. & Flack, F.

- Discussing Voluntary Assisted Dying – Johnston, C. & Cameron, J.

- The “Ice” Storm: Problems with Expert Evidence on the Effects of Methamphetamine – Horan, J. & Thomas, D.

- Mercury Pollution from Coal-Fired Power Plants: A Critical Analysis of the Australian Regulatory Response to Public Health Risks – Bramwell, G., Wilson, F. & Faunce, T.

- Transferring Health Big Data within the European Legal Framework: What Role for National Healthcare Services? – Golinelli, D., Toscano, F., Bucci, A. & Carullo, G.

- The Coroner’s Role in the Prevention of Elder Abuse: A Study of Australian Coroner’s Court Cases Involving Pressure Ulcers in Elders – Sharp, C.A., Schulz Moore, J.S. & McLaws, M-L.

- Book Review - The Arsonist: A Mind on Fire, by Chloe Hooper – Reviewed by Freckelton QC, I