NEW: Free Webinar Series - COllege Pathways

This new webinar series will be held fortnightly, beginning on 8 October 2020 via Zoom Meetings. We invite our Fellows, Members and Associates to apply to present as part of the Webinar. ACLM CPD points will be available, and a unique opportunity to learn from your colleagues' experience in their pathway to legal medicine. This webinar series is free for ACLM members and non-members.
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The Australasian College of Legal Medicine currently conducts five short courses.
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Basic Law Intensive

Advanced Law Intensive

Expert Report
Writing Course

Expert Witness Training

Cause of Death Certificate Workshop (Queensland)

The BLI and the ALI are each run over two days, usually weekends. Both these courses derive their content from the principles that underpin the area of law known as medical or health law. Medical law is concerned with the relationships between health professional and patient, health professional and health facility, health facility and patient, and the organisation of health care. The courses however examine the legal issues from the point of view of the doctor or dentist practising clinical medicine or dentistry, and not specifically from the legal practitioner’s perspective. As such, the focus is on clinicians understanding the increasingly complex legal framework within which they work, and not with the legal practice issues such as bringing on or defending a cause of action.

Annual Scientific Meetings

The Australasian College of Legal Medicine holds Annual Scientific Meetings to discuss a variety of medico-legal themes relevant to medical professionals. The program normally features both guest and College speakers, and there is an open call for papers in the months leading up to the ASM. These meetings are held in a different location each year.

2021 ASM - Legal Aspects of Child & Adolescent Health
New date: 11 & 12 September 2021
Hobart, Tasmania

ACLM Past Annual Scientific Meetings