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Australasian College of Legal Medicine

2020 ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING: Legal Aspects of Child & Adolescent Health

31 October & 1 November 2020  |  Hotel Grand Chancellor - Hobart, Tasmania

Legal Medicine

Established in November 1995, The Australasian College of Legal Medicine provides a network for doctors and dentists who have completed dual qualifications in law, and medicine or dentistry, or whose areas of practice are impacted on by the law and who have consequently elected to undertake internal College or external training to gain at least a basic understanding of the law as it applies to their practices for the benefit of their patients.

The term Legal Medicine represents four broad areas of medical practice; encapsulating the fields of Civil Legal Medicine, Criminal or Forensic Legal Medicine, Medical Ethics and medical practice areas affected by statute law.

Expert Report

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Law Intensive

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Annual Scientific Meeting

Legal Aspects of Child & Adolescent Health


Expert Report Writing Course
TBC due to COVID-19 - 26 June 2020 - Noosa, QLD, Australia
Basic Law Intensive
TBC due to COVID-19 - 27 & 28 June 2020 - Noosa, QLD, Australia
​Advanced Law Intensive
21 & 22 November 2020 - Adelaide, SA, Australia


Effect of postponing courses on our members working towards MACLM/FACLM
ACLM is aware that the necessary postponing of courses due to COVID-19 may affect our members working towards MACLM/FACLM. Learn more...
Registration for ACLM courses suspended due to COVID-19 developments – IMPORTANT UPDATE
Due to restrictions on gatherings and travel, ACLM is making changes to our schedule of courses for 2020. Learn more here.
Journal of Law & Medicine – Vol 27 No 2 available
The Journal of Law & Medicine - Vol 27 No 2 is now available via the WestLaw platform. Preview the content and access your online subscription to read this latest release.

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Dr Ian Home
Dr Ian Home, ACLM Fellow, shares his experience in becoming a Forensic Physician. Learn more about the road to this interesting career.
Dr Natalie MacCormick
We interview Dr Natalie MacCormick, Forensic Physician at the Queensland Health Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit.

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