ACLM CPD Requirements

ACLM's new internal CPD program requirements commence 1 January 2024. A summary is below, or you can download all information as a PDF.


As a College for practitioners working at the junction between law and medicine, ACLM provides an internal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.

Who is required to complete ACLM’s CPD program?

Only ACLM Fellows and Members (including Honorary Life Fellows) are required to show evidence of completing ACLM’s CPD program each year. Associate members are encouraged to also participate but are not required to show evidence and will not be audited. All other membership categories are not required to complete ACLM's CPD program.

Cycle length

ACLM’s CPD program cycle is 1 January to 31 December each year (annual).

Due date

CPD submissions are due by 31 March each year for the previous year’s cycle. 


You must complete and submit this official form to


ACLM’s CPD program is provided for free to members, including access to any forms, guidance and certificates of currency.

CPD Requirements

ACLM has updated its CPD program to make CPD submissions simpler and more relevant for our members. There are only two requirements:

1. Submit evidence of completion of CPD requirements with your CPD home or equivalent

We recognise that all Fellows and Members are registered medical or dental practitioners and must comply with CPD requirements of the appropriate licensing authority to maintain their registration. For doctors in Australia, that means participating in a ‘CPD home’. Please attach your CPD home annual certificate of completion, or equivalent for dentists and overseas members.

2. Submit evidence of completed CPD activity relevant to legal and/or forensic medicine

The Objects of ACLM as defined in the Memorandum of Association include ‘To establish high standards of skill and practice in the field of legal medicine’. For this reason, Fellows and Members must complete a minimum of 5 hours per year of CPD activity relevant to legal and/or forensic medicine. Download the document below for a list of acceptable activities. Contact us if you have another activity which you would like approved.


Is ACLM a ‘CPD home’?

The Medical Board of Australia requires medical practitioners to be part of a CPD home. ACLM is not a CPD home.

When is the first mandatory CPD submission due for ACLM Fellows & Members under the new program?

ACLM's new CPD program requirements commenced from 1 January 2024 onwards. The first CPD cycle is 1 January - 30 December 2024. Your first mandatory submission will be due by 31 March 2025, showing CPD completed in the 2024 calendar year. You are not required to submit anything to ACLM relating to 2023.

How much detail is required in my CPD submission?

You must submit your CPD evidence using ACLM's CPD Form Template. You only need to provide enough detail to meet ACLM's minimum requirements. If you completed more activities beyond the minimum requirements, you do not need to provide any more evidence than the minimum requirements.

I am very busy... How long will it take me to complete the ACLM form and submit my evidence?

For most members, this process should take only 5 minutes each year.

What if I need an exemption?

Members can contact ACLM to apply for an exemption or variation due to continuous absence from practice under certain circumstances. ACLM expects you to be honest in the application process, and to supply appropriate evidence of the reason for your continuous leave of absence.

Who will be audited and when?

5% of all ACLM Fellows and Members will be audited annually by April. Members must comply with auditing by providing documentation and evidence as requested by ACLM if selected for auditing. Any persons who fail the audit will be offered support to meet the requirements.

Does my CPD status affect my ACLM membership?

ACLM’s CPD requirements must be met each year to maintain Fellowship/Membership status. Please refer to the ACLM Memorandum and Articles of Association8A. Continuing Professional Development.

Can I appeal a decision regarding my CPD status?

Please refer to the ACLM Memorandum and Articles of Association 10A. Appeals for information on appeals.

How can I view past CPD records?

You may request access of your past CPD records in accordance with ACLM’s Document Access, Retention & Disposal Policy. We recommend that you personally retain copies your CPD submissions and evidence for 5 years.

How are my CPD records handled?

The ACLM is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. We have policies and processes for storage, retention, disposal and privacy which specifically include how your CPD records are handled. Please view the policies here.

Can I submit CPD on the ACLM website?

This is not currently available, but we are planning to redevelop our website to include a CPD Portal where you can upload, save and view past ACLM CPD records.


We encourage you to contact us with any questions.
Phone: 0431 529 506

Communicating CPD changes

The Australasian College of Legal Medicine periodically updates its CPD Program and related requirements for members. ACLM is committed to ensuring that its members do not experience any ‘unfair disadvantage’ due to changing CPD requirements.

When does ACLM communicate CPD Program changes?

The ACLM communicates proposed changes as far in advance as possible and as accurately as possible, aiming for at least six months’ notice for CPD Program changes. The ACLM will give users advance notice of changes for the coming CPD cycle, including relating to requirements, content/activities, processes, and costs.

Where will I hear about CPD Program changes?

ACLM will communicate proposed and actual CPD program changes via:

- The ACLM website here
- ACLM members’ newsletter (quarterly)
- Specific emails out to members
- Information emails out to other organisations who may need to be aware of changes.

It is important that you inform us if your contact details change.