Annual College subscription fees (AUD including GST)

  • Members/Fellows: $550
  • Associates: $440
  • Affiliates (including Medical/Dental Affiliate):  $165
  • Retired: $130
  • Students: Nil

New members who join from January to June will be billed a pro-rata annual fee for the remaining months of the year. Persons who join between July-December will be billed for the full year.

Application fees (AUD including GST)

Candidates are required to pay a non-refundable application processing fee:

  • Member/Fellow applications: $330
  • Associate applications: $220
  • Affiliate applications (including Medical/Dental Affiliate): $110
  • Associate members applying for promotion to either Member of Fellow status: $110
  • Students: $10

Financial hardship

Please contact the College if you are unable to pay your subscription renewal fee due to financial hardship. If a current ACLM member faces exceptional circumstances of financial hardship but wishes to remain a member, College Council may consider a reduced fee and alternative arrangements. The reduced fee would apply for the one financial year only and would be reviewed on application the following year. Consideration is given on a case by case basis and the decision rests with Council.