5 MARCH 2021 - Noosa, QLD - Sold out

Expert Report Writing Course
5 March 2021 - Sold out

Sofitel Resort, Noosa, QLD

Course Overview

The aim of this course is to assist expert witness report writers to evaluate and improve their skills, and to establish a high standard of report writing.

This course will benefit any medical/dental professionals who may be called upon to prepare expert reports. It will also provide excellent preparation for any who plan to attend our Expert Witness Training course in future.

Key LEARNING Outcomes

  • Understand the expert’s role and the requirements for one to be considered an expert.
  • Understand and critically review a letter of instruction from the solicitor.
  • Appreciate when further material should be requested from the instructing lawyer.
  • Know what are the essential elements required in an expert report, common to all Codes of Conduct.
  • Understand the difference between assumed facts, facts and opinion.
  • Understand how an opinion is properly constructed showing how any conclusions were derived.
  • Appreciate the proper use of language, syntax and grammar in an expert’s report.


The final program is available below:

Registration Fees

ACLM Members:  $500 inc GST
$650 inc GST


Sofitel Resort, Noosa
16 Hastings Street
Noosa Heads QLD 4567

Teaching Faculty

Professor Roy Beran | Consultant Neurologist and Lawyer, FACLM

Professor John Devereux | Professor of Law, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland

Dr Phoebe-Anne Mainland | Anaesthesiologist

Andrew McKenzie | Principal Lawyer, Maurice Blackburn


In preparation for holding our upcoming Expert Report Writing and Basic Law Intensive courses in Noosa, ACLM has completed a COVID Safe Event Checklist as required by the QLD Government.

As part of our commitment to making this event COVID Safe, please note the following:

- Do not attend this event if you are unwell. This includes if you are currently or have recently experienced cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, vomiting, diarrhoea, or shortness of breath.

- Do not attend this event if you have been in close contact with a person who is positive with COVID-19, or if you have been required to self-isolate or quarantine by the government.

- It is your responsibility to check the latest QLD restrictions to ensure you are safe and able to travel and attend this event. This may include applying for a QLD Border Declaration Pass. See these links - Queensland Border Declaration Pass | Queensland Government (www.qld.gov.au) / Queensland border restrictions | Queensland Government (covid19.qld.gov.au)

- As per our Cancellation Policy, if you are unable to attend in person due to travel restrictions, border closures, lockdowns by the government, travel restrictions by your employer, or COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms at the time of the event, you will be able to attend the course online via Zoom.

- In addition to our Cancellation Policy, if you are unwell at the time of the event, you will be offered the option of either a full refund or online attendance via live streaming.

- Wherever possible, 1.5m physical distancing should be adhered to during this event. While masks are not currently mandatory in QLD for events of this nature, please bring your own mask and wear it if physical distancing is not possible.

- Attendee numbers are kept well below the allowed maximum room capacity as per the 2 square meter rule to prevent crowding. The classroom has a maximum capacity of 48 persons, and we have only 23 attendees.

- All attendees will be screened via a questionnaire at the registration desk and required to provide contact tracing details upon signing in.

- Santiser and hand washing facilities will be available throughout the venue.

- If you become unwell while attending the event, please seek assistance from the ACLM event coordinator (Jayelle Conway) or a member of the Sofitel staff for further instructions.


The current COVID-19 situation in Australia gives us confidence that the courses will be able to be delivered face-to-face in Noosa.

However, we acknowledge the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation and its ability to quickly change the freedom to travel and attend meetings. Therefore, we will be setting up a live stream of the courses.

Live streaming will only be made available to registered students who are unable to attend in person due to:

- Travel restrictions, border closures, lockdowns by the government
- Travel restrictions by their employer
- COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms at the time of the event.

Live streaming is not simply an alternative means to attend for convenience. Live streaming may have some limited capability for the student to interact or participate in group work. It will only be provided for already registered students for unavoidable or late notice emergency situations.

For full details, please read the Cancellation Policy on the event registration page.