About ACLM


Established in November 1995, the Australasian College of Legal Medicine provides a network for doctors and dentists who have completed dual qualifications in law and medicine or dentistry, or forensic medicine, or whose areas of practice are impacted by the law and who have consequently elected to undertake internal College or external training to gain at least a basic understanding of the law as it applies to their practices for the benefit of their patients.

The aim is to provide the medical profession and the community with a better understanding of the legal implications involved in the practice of medicine, as well as to provide unique medical and legal insight into many medical issues not available to non-dually qualified doctors or lawyers.

Legal Medicine

The term Legal Medicine represents four broad areas of medical practice; encapsulating the fields of Civil Legal Medicine, Criminal or Forensic Legal Medicine, Medical Ethics and medical practice areas affected by statute law, such as the Health Insurance Act, Trade Practices Act, etc.


The Objects of the College were defined in the Memorandum of Association of the Company Limited by Guarantee, which was incorporated on 20 December 1996, to include:

- To promote study and research in the field of legal medicine;
- To establish high standards of skill and practice in the field of legal medicine;
- To establish and maintain a code of professional standards governing those practicing in the field of legal medicine, and to provide advice and information to those practicing in the field of legal medicine;
- To promote and seek representation for the field of legal medicine in appropriate academic, political and other forums;
- To act as, and to promote itself as, an authoritative body in the field of legal medicine and as a supporting body for members of the medical profession generally in relation to the field of legal medicine.

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