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JLM Vol 26 No 1 Contents:

- Editorial - Procedural Fairness and the Coroner - Freckleton QC, I.

- Legal Issues - The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and the Australian My Health Record Scheme – A Comparative Study of Consent to Data Processing Provisions - Mendelson, D.

- Medical Issues - Geriatric Forensic Medicine - A Specialty that can no Longer Wait to be Realised - Ranson, D. & Ibrahim, J.

- Bioethical Issues - “A Steadying Hand”: Ascribing Speech Acts to Users of Predictive Speech Assistive Technologies - Rainey, S.

- Medical Law Reporter - Australia’s First Official Illicit Pill Testing at Canberra’s Groovin’ the Moo Music Festival: Legal Hurdles and Future Prospects – Byrne, S., Gock, A., Cowling, A. & Faunce, T.

- Moritz Meyer and the Medical Board: Preventing Refugee Doctors from Practising Medicine in Victoria, Australia, 1937–1958 - Wolf, G.

- Does Disciplinary Law Protect Us from False and Misleading Health Advertising? - Sacco, J.

- National Competition Policy and Australia’s Health Care System: A Look at the Policy Landscape with New Eyes – Hewitt, J

- Dental Health Workforce Regulation - How Amendments to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act May Shape the Future of the Dental Profession – Jean, G., Holden, A. & Tennant, M.

- In Sickness and in Prison: The Case for Removing the Medicare Exclusion for Australian Prisoners – Cumming, C., Kinner, S., Preen, D. & Larsen, A.

- “Mental Disorder” and Sentencing: Resolving the Definitional Problem – Walvisch, J.

- Biologics and Public Health: Prospects and Challenges – Olasupo Owoeye and Oluwabusayo Owoeye

- The Privacy-Related Challenges Facing Medical Research in an Era of Big Data Analytics: A Critical Analysis of Australian Legal and Regulatory Frameworks - Paterson, M. & Witzleb, N.

- Australian Public Attitudes on Gene Editing of the Human Embryo – Treleaven, T. & Tuch, B.

- Regulating RNA Research and CRISPR Gene Drives to Combat Biosecurity Threats – Faunce, T., & Ray, A., Gardiner, C., Preiss, T., & Burgio, G.

- Providing Palliative Care at the End of Life: Should Health Professionals Fear Regulation? – Willmott, L., White, B., Piper, D., Yates, P., Mitchell, G. & Currow, D.

- The Role of the Medical Profession in Victorian Assisted Dying Law Reform – Rutherford, J.

- Sexual Assault Examination of the Unconscious Patient: A Legal, Ethical and Professional Grey-area for the Forensic Physician – Rogers, J., Odell, M. & Schreiber, J.

- Book Review - Diamonds and Stones in an Era of Gold, by Brian Collopy – Reviewed by Freckelton QC, I