Continued Professional Development (CPD) is an Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) requirement for continued registrations as a medical practitioner.

The ACLM, being a peak body at the interface of medicine and law, has established it’s own CPD program. ​

Members and Fellows must achieve a minimum of 150 points per triennium to maintain their status as Member/Fellow of ACLM. We encourage you to achieve a minimum of 50 points per year, and to submit your CPD evidence annually by 30 June. After submitting your CPD evidence, you will be sent a letter stating your current CPD points and how many more are required to complete your triennium. A certificate of completion will be sent once you complete your triennium.

If your CPD evidence does not meet the minimum of 150 points per triennium then you will no longer be a Member or Fellow of ACLM. 5% annual audits are performed to check that CPD evidence was submitted.

From time to time, the College will conduct an audit of a random sample of CPD submissions so it important to keep ongoing records to confirm that which is included in the submission.

To submit your CPD evidence, please download the form below and email the completed form to by 30 June each year.

Consideration will be shown to members who are unable to achieve the minimum requirements in the financial year 2019-20, due to COVID-19 impacting activities. However, this consideration will only be shown to members who are up to date with their CPD requirements from previous years.

Associate members are also encouraged to send in evidence of CPD activities, however failure to do so will not affect Associate membership.