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JLM Vol 29 No 3 Contents:

EDITORIAL: Vaccinating Children: The COVID-19 Family Law Jurisprudence – Ian Freckelton AO QC

- LEGAL ISSUES: The COVID-19 Pandemic and the TRIPS Waiver: Patents and Flexibility – Charles Lawson and Michelle Rourke

- MEDICO-LEGAL ISSUES: A New Priority Pathway for Biologicals in Australia: Contextualising and Evaluating the Proposed Reforms – Christopher Rudge, Sara Attinger, Ian Kerridge, Wendy Lipworth and Cameron Stewart

- MEDICAL ISSUES - Batting below Average: Failure to Manage Fatal Zoonotic Diseases – Mike O’Connor

- MENTAL HEALTH LAW ISSUES: Seizures, Postictal States and Criminal Responsibility – Bernadette McSherry and Mark Cook


- A Survey of Australian Hospital Pharmacy Staff Knowledge, Practices, and Assessment of Animal-derived Medications – Jeanie Misko and Emma Fox

- Uniquely You, Uniquely Yours? Applying the Current Property Law Regime to Human DNA Samples – Estelle Sah

- How Australia’s Policymakers Can Ethically Approach Human Germline Genome Editing Technology – Matthew Mangiapane and Patrick Foong

- Justice for Our Genes: The Case for Genetic Non-discrimination Regulations in the New Zealand Life Insurance Industry – Emily Buckenham Boyle

- Mapping the Legal Regulation of Voluntary Assisted Dying in Victoria: The Coherence of a New Practice within the Wider Legal System – Ben P White, Katrine Del Villar, Lindy Willmott, Eliana Close and Ruthie Jeanneret

- Assisted Deaths Prior to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 (Vic): Would Patients Have Met the Eligibility Criteria to Request Voluntary Assisted Dying? – Lindy Willmott, Rachel Feeney, Katrine Del Villar, Kenneth Chambaere, Patsy Yates, Geoffrey Mitchell and Ben White

- Personal Importation and the Law: Protecting Patients Who Import Medicines for Legitimate Health Care Needs – Narcyz Ghinea

- Regulating Health Care Safety: Enforcement and Responsibility Attribution in Response to Iatrogenic Harm – David J Carter, Adel Rahmani and James J Brown

- Digital Colonialism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Preventing Exploitative Bio-economies – Alessandra Marshall

- Is PTSD a Bodily Injury? – Jacqueline Condon, Cameron Stewart and Cherrie Galletly

- Professional Discipline for Vaccine Misinformation Posts on Social Media: Issues and Controversies for the Legal Profession – Marta Rychert, Kate Diesfeld and Ian Freckelton AO QC

- Prolonged Solitary Confinement (Administrative Segregation) and the Human Rights of a Serving Prisoner – Joseph Briggs and Russ Scott

- Climatic, Environmental and Health Impacts of Disused Coronavirus Protective Equipment: Towards Effective Regulatory and Containment Measures – Cosmos Nike Nwedu


- Unvaxxed: Trust, Truth and the Rise of Vaccine Outrage, by Dyani Lewis

- Deadly Quiet City: Stories from Wuhan, COVID Ground Zero, by Murong Xuecun