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JLM Vol 29 No 2 Contents:

EDITORIAL: Parkinson’s Disease and the Criminal Justice System – Ian Freckelton AO QC

-GENOMIC LAW ISSUES: How Should We Regulate Heritable Human Genome Editing in Australia? – Dianne Nicol, Christopher Rudge, Rebecca Paxton and Simon Niemeyer

HEALTH LAW REPORTER: Negligence and Health Innovation: Issues with the Standard of Care and the Need to Revisit the Voluntary Assumption of Risk – Cameron Stewart, Lisa Eckstein, Dianne Nicol and Jane Nielsen

- LEGAL ISSUES: “A Nasty Bump”: Lessons from Refugee Doctors’ Defiance of Discrimination, 1937–1950 – Gabrielle Wolf

- MEDICAL ISSUES: Fitness to Stand Trial: Contemporary Clinical Issues – Danny H Sullivan

- NURSING & MIDWIFERY ISSUES: Putting People First: The Importance of Recommending Minimum Staffing Levels and Skills Mix – Micah DJ Peters, Casey Marnie and Annie Butler

- TECHNOLOGY AND HEALTH LAW ISSUES: Health Technology and Big Data: Social Licence, Trust and the Law – Bernadette Richards and James Scheibner


- Death by Choking or Dysphagia: A Review of Coronial Findings (Australia and Canada): A Picture of Preventable Death, Non-adherence to Written
Recommendations, and Lack of Appropriate Supervision – Shaun McCarthy, Bronwyn Hemsley, Fiona Given, Hannah Williams and Susan Balandin

- The Perils of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism: Evolving Knowledge, Awareness, and Challenges – Dale Jobson and Ian Freckelton AO QC

- Participant Selection for Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation – Brent Hyslop

- The Intersection of Law and Medicine in Full Skin Examination in Screening for Cutaneous Malignancy – Annika Smith

- Misconduct in the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Sector in Australia – Simone Henriksen

- Biologics, Patents and Regulatory Exclusivities: Incentivising the Development of Future Pharmaceuticals – Jade Luci Andrews

- The New Serious Incident Response Scheme and the Responsive Regulation of Abuse in Aged Care – Lise Barry and Patrick Hughes

- Wrongful Birth Cases: The Filters of Scope of Duty and of Normative Causation – Bill Madden

- From Medical Diagnosis to Legal Personhood: The Unfinished Journey to Legal Consciousness for Intersex Australians – Alice de Jonge

- Trends and Characteristics in Health Care-related Deaths Investigated through Medico-legal Autopsies after System Changes in Japan – Rutsuko Yamaguchi, Yohsuke Makino, Go Inokuchi, Kenji Ishihara, Suguru Torimitsu, Fumiko Chiba, Yumi Hoshioka, Syumari Urabe, Yukiko Oya, Ayumi Motomura, Daisuke Yajima and Hirotaro Iwase

- Superannuation Access for IVF Purposes: Time for Reform? – Rami Hanegbi

- Dismantling Obstacles to Gender Affirmation: Reimagining Consent to Medical Treatment by Transgender, Gender Diverse and Non-binary Minors – LM Shirley

- Regulating Obesity in Australia: Current Frameworks, Reflections upon the Impact of COVID-19 and Future Reform – Meredith Blake, Marilyn Bromberg and Stephanie Parnell

- Legal Implications of Stroke Biobanking and Genomics Research in Sub-Saharan Africa – Muyiwa Adigun, Babatunde Raphael Ojebuyi, Joshua Akinyemi, Kolawole Wahab, Albert Akpalu, Fred S Sarfo, Lukman F Owolabi, Rabiu Musbahu, Abiodun Bello, Reginald Obiako, Mayowa Ogunronbi, Arti Singh, Michelle Nichols, Carolyn Jenkins, Ayodele Jegede, Rajesh Kalaria, Mayowa Owolabi, Bruce Ovbiagele, Oyedunni Arulogun and Rufus Akinyemi

- A Review of Regulations Applicable to Human Germline Cell Editing in Australia and around the World – Melissa de Zwart and Claudia Floreani

- Genocide and the Oppression of Indigenous Peoples: The Extermination of the 19th Century Aboriginal Tasmanians – Bruce Short AM RFD

- Assessment Team Recommendations on the Continuation of Involuntary Commitment in Poland – Justyna Ziółkowska, Dariusz Galasiński, Tomasz Grzyb and Dariusz Doliński

BOOK REVIEW: The Chloroformist, by Christine Ball