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College Pathways

ACLM members will share their pathway in legal medicine, addressing questions such as:

 - What was their pathway into legal medicine?
 - What career opportunities opened through studying legal medicine?
 - What current legal medicine challenges have arisen in their field of practice during the COVID-19 pandemic and how have these been addressed?
 - What future issues may arise from this ‘new normal’?
 - What role can ACLM play in the future of legal medicine?

We invite all of our Fellows, Members and Associate members to apply to present part of this webinar series:

Email us a short summary of your presentation, addressing at least some of the questions above -

‘College Pathways’ is a free webinar series that the College is building with you. We want to hear about your experiences: your ‘pathway’ may be that which brought you into law or your clinician role, or it may specifically speak to your path through a recent case, managing remote practice or developing your own pathway through any event of note. We have incredible achievers within this College - academics, researchers, clinicians, lawyers, even athletes that can speak of their journey. We want to hear your experiences.

Upcoming Webinars: 

Webinar # 4

Professor Erwin Loh
From Medicine to Law to Management – an unexpected journey to leadership

Date: Thursday 3 December 2020

Time: 5.30pm AEST / 6.30pm AEDT

Webinar Details:

Cost: Free for all, including ACLM members and non-members

Location: Join the Webinars via Zoom Meetings. Login details are sent to you once you register to attend.

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Duration: 20 minute presentation + 10 minute audience Q&A

ACLM CPD Points: Presenters - 10 CPD points  /  Live webinar attendees - 10 CPD points  /  The presentations may be recorded and made available to watch at a later date - 5 CPD points.

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Watch Past Webinars: 

Click here to visit our Members Area to watch recordings of the past Webinars. This is only available to ACLM Members. You may claim 5 CPD points towards ACLM's CPD program for each recorded Webinar you watch.

Webinar # 1

Dr Adam Griffin
Clinical Forensic Medicine

Date: Thursday 8 October 2020

Watch recording online

Webinar # 2

Dr Alexander Holden
Dentistry, Law and Ethics

Date: Thursday 22 October 2020
Watch recording online

Webinar # 3

Dr Dion Suyapto
Occupational Medicine & Reporting

Date: Thursday 19 November 2020

Watch recording online