The President-Elect of the American College of Legal Medicine, Monique Anawis, recently expressed gratitude for the hospitality extended by our College during her visit to Australia to attend our Expert Witness program, and for the lecture delivered by our President, Sandra Johnson, at their 2019 Annual Meeting.

In part it reads:

"President Sandra Johnson was chosen by the American College of Legal Medicine as the distinguished 2019 Reuter Lecturer for our annual meeting.
Dr. Johnson’s presentation “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Ethics in Healthcare” was a truly outstanding, scholarly lecture and the highlight of the conference. The conference attendees continue to praise Dr. Johnson’s lecture which has inspired scholarship on the subject. The American College of Legal Medicine is very grateful for Dr. Johnson’s contribution to our annual conference.  

Additionally, Dr. Johnson has continued to provide the forward-thinking leadership and to foster the collegiality and generosity shown to the American College of Legal Medicine over the years through the work of Professor Roy Beran.  I also wish to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Johnson ... Professor Beran ... Dr. Don Buchanan, and the many colleagues of the Australasian College who extended tremendous hospitality and generosity to me during my participation in your Expert Witness Training.

I look forward to continuing opportunities for our Colleges to collaborate."

We encourage all of our members to have a full share in ACLM activities, especially as we develop strong bonds with other colleges such as the American College of Legal Medicine.