The RANZCR have developed draft Ethical Principles for AI in Medicine. The draft principles are publicly available for comment and feedback:

As part of the consultation process, RANZCR requested that ACLM provide feedback on the draft principles by responding to three questions:

1. Is the document clear and are the statements suitable?
2. Is anything missing that should appear in the Guidelines?
3. Where do we think that the Guidelines should be embedded?

ACLM Council agreed that we will provide feedback on these draft guidelines. Council has developed initial responses to the three questions above. An email has been sent to all members with a copy of ACLM's Draft response - please contact the College Administrator if you did not receive a copy and would like it to be resent to you.

If any ACLM members would like to provide input on ACLM's response to the RANZCR draft principles please send your comments to by COB Wednesday 24th April at the latest. ACLM Council will use your comments to refine the response before sending to the RANZCR.

Please note, ACLM intends to produce an independent position paper on AI ethical and legal considerations in medicine. Our responses to RANZCR draft principles do not form a comprehensive statement of ACLM’s position on ethical principles for AI in medicine.