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A Whiter Shade of Grey: Comparisons of the Legal and Professional Status of Tooth Whitening in Three Jurisdictions
AuthorProfessor ​Alexander C L Holden​Lecturer in Dental Ethics, Law and Professionalism, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney, article seeks[...]
Medicinal Cannabis in Pregnancy – Panacea or Noxious Weed?
AuthorProfessor Mike O'ConnorHead of Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Western Sydney UniversityCojoint Senior Lecturer Women's and Children's Health, University of[...]
Arbitration as Alternate Dispute Resolution for Medical Mishap
Professor Lee examines how mediation on its own or combined with other means of Alternate Dispute Resolution could be developed to resolve medical disputes more efficiently and effectively.
Community Action against Public Health Crisis: Lessons learnt from COVID-19
Professor Albert Lee has prepared a free guide book on Community Action and the lessons learnt thus far from COVID-19. The book can be downloaded after simple registration.
‘Bolam’ to ‘Montgomery’ is result of evolutionary change of medical practice towards ‘patient-centred care’
The Supreme Court judgement in ‘Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board’ has caused a change in the law concerning the duty of doctors on disclosure of information to patients regarding risks. This paper questions whether the ‘Bolam’ principle needs to be re-interpreted in the modern context of health care.
Mandatory Testing of HIV in Criminal Matters
Dr Adam Griffin, Dr Gary Hall and Dr Anthea Woodcock - Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit, Queensland
Psychological Injury in Veterans and the Law
In this paper, Justice Brereton discusses the interaction of veterans with psychological injuries with the legal system, including criminal responsibility and civil liability, as well as the emergent diagnosis of moral injury and how it may be dealt with by the law.
RANZCR Ethical Guidelines for AI in Medicine – ACLM Response
ACLM provided a response to RANZCR's draft Ethical Principles for AI in Medicine.
Posthumous Sperm Retrieval (PMSR)
In what has been described as a landmark decision, the Supreme Court in Brisbane has granted a Toowoomba woman the right to use her deceased boyfriend's sperm to have a baby.
What is Forensic Medicine
Forensic medicine and legal medicine have been terms used interchangeably over the centuries to describe that area of medicine which involves the application of medical knowledge and skills to the courts, or more generally, to the legal process.
Obstetric Malpractice Litigation and Cerebral Palsy in Term Infants
Despite the recognition by many researchers that cerebral palsy (CP) is rarely related to obstetric malpractice, there are many instances where obstetricians face litigation when a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy following a difficult delivery.
Paediatric Expert Witness
Paediatricians may be asked to provide expert opinion in paediatric cases that come under legal consideration. This article provides suggestions to assist paediatricians in this role and emphasises their duty to the court when giving expert opinion.
Elite Sport in Australia – Providing Ethical Challenges to Medical Professionalism
Medicine’s traditional ethical values and professional codes confer an obligation on doctors to conform to certain standards – standards defined, promulgated and accepted by both the profession and the public which it serves. Central to these ethical codes and standards is the principle of the primacy of the health and welfare of an individual patient and a prohibition against causing harm.