We encourage you to catch up on any webinars you have missed attending. 

If you watch the recorded sessions, you can receive 5 CPD points per Webinar viewed.

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'college pathways'  Webinar sERIES

  • Webinar #1 - Dr Adam Griffin - Clinical Forensic Medicine

  • Webinar #2 - Dr Alexander Holden - Dentistry, Law and Ethics

  • Webinar #3 - Dr Dion Suyapto - Occupational Medicine and Reporting

  • Webinar #4 - Professor Erwin Loh - From Medicine to Law to Management – an unexpected journey to leadership

  • Webinar #5 - Dr Brad Wright - From Dental to Mental - A Dentist at the Private Bar

  • Webinar #6 - Dr Sandra Johnson - My Pathway Through Paediatrics and Legal Medicine