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JLM Vol 29 No 1 Contents:

EDITORIAL: Pandemics, Polycentricity and Public Perceptions: Lessons from the Djokovic Saga – Ian Freckelton AO QC

- BIOETHICAL ISSUES: Ethical Issues in Commercialisation of Stem Cell Therapies: Mapping the Terrain – Julian Koplin

- COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH ISSUES: From then to Now: Regulatory Theory and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practice in Australia – Michael Weir

- LEGAL ISSUES: Transgender Minors and the Commencement of Hormone Treatment for Gender Dysphoria: Is Recent English Case Law Likely to Influence the Australian Legal Position? – Malcolm Smith

- MENTAL HEALTH LAW ISSUES: Human Rights Law and the Defence of Mental Impairment – Bernadette McSherry and Andrew Simon-Butler

- PUBLIC HEALTH LAW ISSUES: Needle and Syringe Programs in Prisons: Victoria’s “Problematic” Policy Position – Angus Paterson


- Protection, Prevention or Punishment? A Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis of Regulatory Immediate Action against Medical Practitioners – Owen M Bradfield, Matthew J Spittal and Marie M Bismark

- Criminal Convictions of Disciplined Health Practitioners in New Zealand – Lois Surgenor, Kate Diesfeld, Marta Rychert, Olivia Kelly and Kate Kersey

- Voluntary Assisted Dying by Practitioner Administration Is Not Suicide: A Way Past the Commonwealth Criminal Code? – Katrine Del Villar, Ben P White, Eliana Close and Lindy Willmott

- Exploring the Adjudication of Methamphetamine-related Housing Contamination Cases in New Zealand – Claudia Denisse Sanchez Lozano, Chris Wilkins and Marta Rychert

- Exploring Injured Persons’ Experiences of Engaging and Using Lawyers in Road Traffic Injury Compensation Claims – Clare E Scollay, Becky Batagol and Genevieve M Grant

- Bile Duct Injuries as a Result of Cholecystectomy: An Australian Perspective – Arthur Richardson, Helen Pham and Michael Hollands

- Fitness to Drive: A Smartphone Application for Doctors, Patients and the Driver Licensing Authority – Grace S Went

- Using Cumulative Impact Assessment as a Smokescreen in New South Wales Alcohol Harm Reduction Laws: A Commentary – Alison Ziller and Tony Brown

- Born with a Plastic Spoon in Their Mouth? – Substitution, Interchangeability, and Marketing of Biosimilars – Rhiannon Bandiera, Elizabeth Handsley and David Lim

- In Vitro Fertilisation with Reception of Oocytes from Partner: A Transnational Case of Female Shared Biological Motherhood – Matteo Gulino and Gianluca Montanari Vergallo

- Sweet and Sour: A Responsive Strategy to Strengthen Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Regulation in Australia – Alexandra Finch

- Stigma, COVID and Health Status Related Discrimination under Nigeria Law – Bankole Sodipo, Titilayo Aderibigbe and Daniel Ozoma

- An Evaluation within the Context of the Istanbul Protocol of the Medico-Legal Examinations of Turkish Detainees during the Recent State of Emergency in Turkey – Alper Keten, Johannes Nicolakis, Ramazan Abacı and Aykut Lale

- What to Do in the Next Pandemic Outbreak: Natural Herd Immunity Versus Lockdown (Lessons Learned from COVID-19) – Vera Lúcia Raposo

- Challenging the Myth That the Sexually Abused Female Child Must Have Genital Injuries – Maryanne Lobo, Jennifer AS Smith and John AM Gall

- Is It Time for Australia to Reassess Its Legislation on Human Embryo Experimentation? – Francis J O’Keeffe, Margaret Somerville and George L Mendz

BOOK REVIEW: Personal Effects, by RA Jensen with J Hider, St Martin’s Press