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JLM Vol 28 No 4 Contents:

EDITORIAL: Mandatory Vaccination Tensions and Litigation – Ian Freckelton AO QC

LEGAL ISSUES: Children, Parents, Courts and Medical Treatment: Now Who Decides? – Joanna Manning

- MEDICAL ISSUES: Doulas from Cradle to Grave: Integration into Conventional Medical Care – Mike O’Connor

- BIOETHICAL ISSUES:  Assessing Rationing Decisions through the Principle of Proportionality – James Cameron, Cameron Stewart and Julian Savulescu

- NURSING & MIDWIFERY ISSUES: Law, Regulation or Just Damned Politics: The Under-utilisation and Undervaluing of the World’s Largest Health Workforce – Jill White AM, Editor Mary Chiarella

- HEALTH LAW REPORTER: The Public Interest Test in Immediate Action Hearings under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law – Cameron Stewart and Christopher Rudge


- A Panacea for Australia’s COVID-19 Crisis? Weighing Some Legal Implications of Mandatory Vaccination – Gabrielle Wolf, Jason Taliadoros and Penny Gleeson

- Access to Maternal Health Care for Indigenous Australians under International Law – Georgia Carniato

- Involuntary Patient Assessment in Australia: A Mental Health or Public Health Response? – Simon Llewellyn, Dominique Moritz, Marc Broadbent and Chiung-Jung (Jo) Wu AM

- Data, Temporary Monopolies and Biosimilar Development – Teddy Henriksen

- Co-opting Laws to Influence Prevailing Medical and Legal Thinking: “Off-Label” Conceptual Use of One-Punch Laws and Boxing – Joseph Lee

- Legal Issues in Life-Limiting Illness: Can Cross-Agency, Interprofessional Education Support Integration of Care? – Colette Hawkins, Charlotte Rothwell, Helen Close, Charlotte Emmett and Hannah Hesselgreaves

- Under the Influence: Regulating Influencers Giving Nutrition Advice – Marilyn Bromberg and Laura Fitzgerald

- Starvation Genocide in Occupied Eastern Europe 1939–1945: Food Confiscation by and for the Nazis – George M Weisz

- “Loss of Dignity” in Claims for Damages for “Humiliation, Loss of Dignity and Injury to Feelings” in the Human Rights Review Tribunal of New Zealand –
Iris Reuvecamp

- Comprehensive Decriminalisation of Abortion: An Analysis of Concept, Arguments and Regulatory Frameworks – Fien De Meyer

- Reproductive Rights: Foetal Rights or Female Freedoms? – Tahnee De Souza and Henry Kha

- The Right to Biological Truth versus Stability of the Family – Vugar G Mammadov, Gediminas Sagatys and Roy G Beran

- BOOK REVIEW: Global Health Security: A Blueprint for the Future, by Lawrence O Gostin