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JLM Vol 27 No 4 Contents:

EDITORIAL - Perils of Precipitate Publication: Fraudulent and Substandard COVID-19 Research – Ian Freckelton QC

LEGAL ISSUES - COVID-19: Criminal Law, Public Assemblies and Human Rights Litigation – Ian Freckelton QC

MEDICAL ISSUES - COVID-19 and Forensic Medical Practice – David Ranson

NURSING AND MIDWIFERY ISSUES - How COVID-19 Highlights an Ongoing Pandemic of Neglect and Oppression When It Comes to Women’s Reproductive Rights – Hannah G Dahlen, Bashi Kumar-Hazard and Mary Chiarella

- GENOMIC LAW ISSUES - Australian Perspectives on the Ethical and Regulatory Considerations for Responsible Data Sharing in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Dianne Nicol, Don Chalmers, Christine Critchley, Lisa Eckstein, Jane Nielsen and Margaret Otlowski

HEALTH LAW REPORTER - Suicide-related Materials and Voluntary Assisted Dying – Cameron Stewart, Ian Kerridge, Camille La Brooy and Paul Komesaroff

- FAMILY AND CHILDREN'S HEALTH LAW ISSUES - COVID-19 and Family Law Decision-Making – Ian Freckleton QC


- Legal Implications of Personal Protective Equipment Use When Treating Patients for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) – Danuta Mendelson, Michael Keane, Mirko Bagaric and Cameron Graydon

- Compassion, Law and COVID-19 – Nigel Stobbs , Belinda Bennett and Ian Freckelton QC

- Violation Liability in the Context of the Spread of COVID-19: Russian Experience – Svetlana I Pospelova, Yulia V Pavlova, Natalia A Kamenskaya and Sergey V Pospelov

International Access to Public Health Data: An Important Brazilian Legal Precedent – Ian Freckelton QC and Vera Lúcia Raposo

- Access to Health and Medical Research: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic – Faith O Aboyeji

- Have Indian Surrogates Been Harmed by Commercial Surrogacy Transactions? – Donna Cooper and Philippa Trowse

- Regulation of the Abortion Drug RU 486: The Collision of Politics, Ethics and Morals in Australia – Nicola Bodor

- Vox populi, vox Dei? Previewing New Zealand’s Public Decision on Assisted Dying – Jessica Young and Andrew Geddis

- Doctors and the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 (Vic): Knowledge and General Perspectives – Jodhi Rutherford

- Legal Liability Arising from the Use of “Agent Orange” in the Kimberley: Registration of 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D in Australia – Amne Alrifai

- Support Systems for Medical Decision-Making: Considerations for Japan – Yoshihiko Iijima

- Corrective Justice and the Law Relating to Damages for Negligently Inflicted Psychiatric Injury: A Principled Explanation for the “Close and Loving Relationship” Consideration – Martin Allcock

- Recency of Practice and the Maintenance of Professional Competence for Nurses and Midwives: A Scoping Review Protocol – Casey Marnie, Micah DJ Peters, Deborah Forsythe, Kate Kennedy, Greg Sharplin, Marion Eckert, Mary Chiarella and Rachael Vernon

- Infanticide and Infanticide Statutes in Australia and New Zealand – Russ Scott

- Public Health versus Alcohol Industry Compliance Laws: A Case of Industry Capture? – Tony Brown


- Colin Tatz (1934–2019)

- Richard Tracey (1948–2019)

BOOK REVIEW: The Sealed Box of Suicide: The Contexts of Self-Death