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JLM Vol 27 No 3 Contents:

- Editorial - Law, Global Health, and Sustainable Development: The Lancet Commission on the Legal Determinants of Health - Guest Editor: Belinda Bennett

- Legal Issues - Changing to Deemed Consent for Deceased Organ Donation in the United Kingdom: Should Australia and New Zealand Follow? - Editor: Joanna Manning

- Medical Issues - Surgical Experimentation by John Marion Sims in the Pre-Anaesthetic Era - Editor: Mike O'Connor

BIOETHICAL ISSUES - The Voluntary Assisted Dying Law in Victoria – A Good First Step but Many Problems  Remain – Hugh Platt, Editor: Julian Savulescu

COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH ISSUES - Prohibition Orders and the Regulation of Unregistered Health Practitioners – Editor: Ian Freckelton QC

TECHNOLOGY AND HEALTH LAW - Health Care, Technology and Innovation: What’s Law Got to Do with It? – Editor: Bernadette Richards

MENTAL HEALTH LAW ISSUES - Preventing Harm to Others as a Criterion for Compulsory Treatment: An Overview of Criticisms and Current Research – Editor: Bernadette Richards

- HEALTH LAW REPORTER - Unconventional Practice, “Innovative” Interventions and the National Law – Cameron Stewart, Ian Kerridge, Catherine Waldby, Wendy Lipworth, Megan Munsie, Tamra Lysaght, Christopher Rudge, Narcyz Ghinea, Lisa Eckstein, Jane Neilsen, Jenny Kaldor and Dianne Nicol, Editor: Cameron Stewart


- COVID-19, Negligence and Occupational Health and Safety: Ethical and Legal Issues for Hospitals and Health Centres – Ian Freckelton QC

- The Lake Alice Hospital Child and Adolescent Unit: Accountability – The Response to Date – Rosemary L Thomson

- Vaginal Dialogues: The Trials and Tribulations of Mesh in the Repair of Prolapse – Mike O’Connor and Bill Madden

- Consideration of a Legislative Framework to Support the Diagnostic Odyssey Commonly Encountered in the Instance of Rare Disease – Marisa Taliangis and Gareth Baynam

- Children of the Dead: Posthumous Conception, Critical Interests and Consent – Neil Maddox

- Medical Practitioners Who Deny Young Women Sterilisation Surgery “Because They Will Regret It Later”: Patient-centred Practice or Discrimination? – Joshua Taylor

- Breaches of New Zealand’s Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights: Human Rights Review Tribunal Decisions – Kate Diesfeld, Lois Surgenor and Marta Rychert

- Dancing away from Reform: The Inquest into the Death of Six Patrons of NSW Music Festivals – Sebastian De Brennan

- Involuntary Sterilisation, Eugenics, and Physician-assisted Dying: Lessons for New Zealand – Gail Bingham

- Embryonic Regulation and Research: What Is the Status of Human Germline Genome Editing in Australia? – Rose Burbery

- Australia after Cresswell and Chapman: A Legal and Regulatory Paradox, or an Opportunity for Uniformity? – Christopher D Mills


- Kerry Anne Petersen (1945-2020)

- Maurice Wallin (1944–2020)

- Book Review: Mental Capacity Law in New Zealand