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JLM Vol 26 No 4 Contents:

- Editorial - Encouraging and Rewarding the Whistleblower in Research Misconduct Cases - Freckleton QC, I.

- Legal Issues - Electroconvulsive Therapy without Consent: The Influence of Human Rights Law - McSherry, B.

- Medical Issues - The Role of Patient-reported Outcome Measures in Post-operative Death Investigations - Ranson, D., Butala, A.D., Ibrahim, J.E., and Bugeja, L.

- Medical Law Reporter - Australian Medical Professionals, National Security and Administrative Offshore Punishment of Asylum-Seekers: Regulatory Update Including the Medevac Legislation – Miller, S., Faunce, T.


- Social Responsibilities of the Global Pharmaceutical Companies: Towards an Ethical Health Care Paradigm – Kanwar, A.V.S., Rahim, M.M.

- Legislative Capture: A Critical Consideration in the Commercial Determinants of Public Health – Brown, T.

- Rational Social Impact Assessment of Alcohol Outlets: Slip Sliding Away – Ziller, A., Brown, T.

- Mandatory Welfare Drug Treatment in Australia – Ardill, A.

- A Cross-sectional Survey of Health Professionals’ Attitudes toward Medicinal Cannabis Use as Part of Cancer Management – Hewa-Gamage, D., Blaschke, S., Drosdowsky, A., Koproski, T., Braun, A., Ellen, S.

- Outcome Bias in Clinical Negligence Medico-legal Cases – Petty, T., Stephenson, L., Campbell, P., Stephenson, T.

- Occupational Therapy Domestic Needs Assessment: Lawyer Perspectives – Arnold, S., Mackenzie, L., Millington, M., James C.

- Retained Surgical Items: Lessons from Australian Case Law of Items Unintentionally Left Behind in Patients after Surgery – Cockburn, T., Davis, J., Osborne, S.

- Understanding Client Vulnerability in the Disciplining of Legal Professionals in New South Wales – Schulz-Moore, J., Diesfeld, K., Forster, C.

- Dealing with Patent Fragmentation in Genetics: Can Patent Pools Facilitate the Development of CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology? – Stasi, A., Rodrigues, I. P.

- Considering the Provision of Growth Attenuation Treatment to Profoundly Disabled Children in Light of the Family Court’s Welfare Jurisdiction – Spyrou, E.L.

- Advance Care Planning: A Communitarian Approach? – Evans Chan, T.

- Teachers’ Health, Wellbeing and Professional Misconduct. An Exploratory Analysis of Cases from New Zealand’s Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal 2017–2018 – Rychert, M., Diesfeld, K.

- Decisional Competence and Fitness to Stand Trial in New Zealand – Hyslop, B.

​- OBITUARY - Thomas Alured Faunce (1958–2019)

- Book Review - Defeating the Ministers of Death; The Compelling History of Vaccination, by David Isaacs – Reviewed by Freckelton QC, I