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JLM Vol 26 No 3 Contents:

- Editorial - Interstate and Overseas Deaths: Jurisdictional and Decision-Making Challenges for Coroners - Freckleton QC, I.

- Letter to the Editor

- Legal Issues - "Hospitals and Clinicians Need Not Apply:” Withdrawing Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration in Undisputed Cases - Manning, J.

- Medical Issues - Eve’s Curse: Intolerable Unrelieved Pain in Labour – Necessary Evil or Medical Negligence? - O'Connor, M.

- BIOETHICAL ISSUES - Should an Advance Care Directive Refusing Life-Sustaining Treatment Be Respected after an Attempted Suicide? Development of an Algorithm to Aid Health Care Workers – Philpot, S.J.

- Medical Law Reporter - Citizens’ Juries, Liquid Democracy and Legislative Reform of Australian Compulsory Insurance Schemes for Injury Compensation after Motor Vehicle Accidents – Blumer, F., Gedik, T., Faunce, T.


- HIV and HCV Epidemics: Lessons for Lawyers and Policymakers – The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG

- Therapeutic Privilege Is No Defence – Davison, S.

- A Comparative View of Australian Education in Law and Medicine – Smith, M. & Heath Jeffery, R.

Protecting the Continued Development of Collaborative Expert Witness Evidence in Australia: Surely We Should? – Mills, C.D.

- Criminalising Health Care? The Use of Offences in the Mental Health Act 2015 (ACT) – Pang, S.

Authorising the Release of Data without Consent for Health Research: The Role of Data Custodians and HRECs in Australia – Flack, F., Adams, C., & Allen, J.

- Sugar Consumption Tax: A Good Idea or Not? – Truscott, J.

Embryo Donation in New Zealand: Considerations of the Health and Wellbeing of Children – Wilsdon, L.

- A New Law of Advance Directives in Italy: A Critical Legal Analysis – Veshi, D., Koka, E. & Venditti, C.

- Book Review - The Hanged Man and the Body Thief, by Alexandra Roginski – Reviewed by Freckelton QC, I