Personal Injury Law

The 2018 ASM was held in Sydney on 20 & 21 October.

Click the links below to discover the speakers and topics presented at our recent ASM.


Bill Madden | Medical Litigation: Memories, Perspectives and Incremental Change

Louise Cantrill | Privacy in the Digital Age

Dr Dion Suyapto | Occupational Injuries: The Medical-legal Aspect

Deidre Petrakis | Good Medical Records in Improving Patient Outcomes

Dr Adam Griffin | Personal Injury Law and the Forensic Physician

Prof. Erwin Loh | The Medicolegal Implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health

Prof. Albert Lee | Alternate Dispute Resolution for Injury Cases

Dr Drew Dixon | Minor Soft Tissue Injuries - Motor Accidents Injury Act 2017

Bill Madden | Dinner speech - Trying to be helpful?

Paul Baram | Section 5O Civil Liability Act 2002 – The State of Play

The Honourable Justice Peter Garling | Expert Witnesses: a Judicial Perspective

Wasim Shaikh | When is Work Stress an Illness? The Significance of Clinical Significance

Prof. Roy Beran | Informed Consent Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Francesca Menniti | Medico-Legal Implications of Clinical Incident Review

Prof. Mike O'Connor | Pain and Suffering in Childbirth: Eve’s Curse or a Compensable Damage?

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