The Law and Ethics of Therapeutics

The 2017 ASM was held in Perth on 21 & 22 October.

Attendees enjoyed a diverse and informative program, with guest speakers from Australian and overseas. Ethical issues and legal principles surrounding therapeutics were explored in a range of scenarios which doctors face, from paediatrics to prescribing… and much more!

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Guest Speakers

  • Mr Paul Yovich SC – “Doctors behaving badly”
  • Dr Andy Roberston – “State regulation of medicinal cannabis” and “Drug supplies in a disaster response”
  • Dr Brent Hyslop – “Dementia, best interests, and non-consensual drug trials”
  • Professor Vera Lucia Raposo – “Off-label prescription and the best standard of care: do they go together?”
  • Mr Colin Priddis – “New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) – the dynamic legal status of substances derived from licit and illicit sources”
  • Dr Michael Christmass – “The problem is crystal… but is the solution clear?”
  • Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski – “Nanosafety – from safety of nanoparticles to their therapeutic applications”

College Speakers

  • Professor Roy Beran – “Conducting clinical trials in private practice”
  • Dr Alexander Holden – “A whiter shade of grey: the professional and legal position of tooth whitening”
  • Professor Mike O’Connor – “Going to grass in pregnancy”
  • Professor Erwin Loh & Dr Jessica Dean – “Pharmaceutical industry presence in health services – more than just free pens”
  • Dr Maria Dudycz – “The law and ethics of sterilisation of disabled persons – challenges in adopting a therapeutic approach consistent with human rights legislation”
  • Dr Sandra Johnson – “Ethics of therapeutics in paediatrics”
  • Dr Don Buchanan – “Opiate prescribing and real-time reporting”

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