‘College Pathways’ is a free webinar series that the College is building with you. We want to hear about your experiences: your ‘pathway’ may be that which brought you into law or your clinician role, or it may specifically speak to your path through a recent case, managing remote practice or developing your own pathway through any event of note. We have incredible achievers within this College - academics, researchers, clinicians, lawyers, even athletes that can speak of their journey. We want to hear your experiences.

We invite all of our Fellows, Members and Associate members to apply to present part of this webinar series.

Email us a short summary of your presentation, addressing at least some of the questions above - aclm9@legalmedicine.com.au.

Upcoming Webinars:

Nil - please check back later.

Webinar Details:

Cost: Free for all, including ACLM members and non-members

Location: Join the Webinars via Zoom Meetings. Login details are sent to you once you register to attend.

Register: Enter your details in the form below, or email aclm9@legalmedicine.com.au.

Duration: 20 minute presentation + 10 minute audience Q&A

ACLM CPD Points: Presenters - 10 CPD points  /  Live webinar attendees - 10 CPD points  /  The presentations may be recorded and made available to watch at a later date - 5 CPD points.

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Watch Past Webinars: 

Click here to visit our Members Area to watch recordings of the past Webinars. This is only available to ACLM Members. You may claim 5 CPD points towards ACLM's CPD program for each recorded Webinar you watch.

Webinar # 1

Dr Adam Griffin
Clinical Forensic Medicine

8 October 2020

Watch recording online

Webinar # 2

Dr Alexander Holden
Dentistry, Law and Ethics

22 October 2020
Watch recording online

Webinar # 3

Dr Dion Suyapto
Occupational Medicine & Reporting

19 November 2020

Watch recording online

Webinar # 4

Prof. Erwin Loh
From Medicine to Law to Management - an unexpected journey to leadership 

3 December 2020

Watch recording online

Webinar # 5

Brad Wright
From Dental to Mental - 
A dentist at the Private Bar

1 February 2021

Watch recording online

Webinar # 6

Sandra Johnson
My Pathway Through
Paediatrics and Legal Medicine

1 March 2021

Watch recording online