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This 2020 course was postponed due to COVID-19. We plan to hold it in 2021. Please register your interest to be notified of the new dates.

Course Overview

The ALI examines consent to medical treatment (adults, children) and clinical negligence more closely, particularly in relation to the various Civil Liability Acts or equivalents. Day one includes an examination of trespass (lack of consent) and negligence in the context of the criminal law. Day two discusses the regulation of health professionals and withholding & withdrawing life sustaining measures.

The ALI is therefore designed to provide a more in depth understanding of the three general areas the law can personally affect a clinician in practice; the civil law, criminal law and disciplinary law. Case scenarios relevant to the topics will also be discussed in small groups.

The Basic Law Intensive is generally a pre-requisite to attending the Advanced Law Intensive. If you have completed other studies in medical law, please contact us to ascertain whether you can attend the Advanced Law Intensive without having attended the Basic Law Intensive.

Learning OUtcomes

  • Apply the principles of consent to, and refusal of, medical treatment in adults and children in the clinical setting.
  • Analyse the various categories of a doctor’s duty of care that can be owed to a patient and the relationship between the duty, breach of duty and harm caused by the breach.
  • Differentiate between the cases of negligence that involve a failure to warn the patient of a material risk and those cases that involve treatment.
  • Recognise that the fundamental principle underpinning disciplinary law in relation to the regulation of health professionals is protection of the public, not punishment.


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Teaching Faculty

Dr Don Buchanan | ACLM Council Member, Forensic Physician & Legal Practitioner

Professor Roy Beran | Consultant Neurologist and Lawyer, FACLM

Professor John Devereux | Professor of Law, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland

RACGP Points

We are currently investigating re-accrediting this activity for the RACGP 2020-22 triennium.